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Version: 13.x (Current)

PR update topics have been overwritten and messages are not sent


After updating Mia-Platform Console to v10.2.0 PR update messages are not sent. When checking an existing projection it appears that the existing PR update topic values have been replaced.


This can happen when an existing Real-Time Updater already contained a configuration file named kafkaProjectionUpdates.json inside the /home/node/app/kafkaProjectionUpdates folder before upgrading Mia-Platform Console to v10.2.0.

This version of the Console introduces an automatic generation of PR update topics, as further explained inside the Projection page.

Given that the automatic generation creates a configuration with the same name inside the same folder, it is possible that the existing configuration is overwritten, thus replacing the existing topic values with default ones.


We suggest accessing the desired projections and manually update PR update topic values. This feature has been introduced from v10.5.0 of Mia-Platform Console.

Another option could be creating a new configuration file, following the guide inside the Common page. The new configuration file should be named kafkaProjectionUpdates.json and should contain the desired PR update topic values for each projection. To prevent conflicts with the automatically created configuration, please insert the new configuration in a folder different from the default /home/node/app/kafkaProjectionUpdates. After creating the new configuration, the KAFKA_PROJECTION_UPDATES_FOLDER environment variable of the Real-Time updater should be updated to the new folder value.