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Version: 13.x (Current)


Both Connector and Connector DLQ services expose some Prometheus metrics used to monitor how many changes are processed, including failures and errors.

Prometheus Counters


Metric NameMeaningTags
connector.received_eventsCounter of events received via Streaming APIsalesforce_topic
connector.processed_eventsCounter of events processed by the servicesalesforce_topic, outcome
connector.invalid_replay_idCounter of checkpoints that result in invalid replay IDssalesforce_topic

The outcome tag can have four possible values:

  • decode_error: the message couldn't be parsed
  • success: the message was processed successfully and sent to the projection
  • dlq: the message was sent to DLQ
  • failed: the message couldn't event be sent to DLQ

Connector DLQ

Metric NameMeaningTags
connector_dlq.received_messageCounter of events received by the DLQ
connector_dlq.processed_messageCounter of processed messagessalesforce_topic, outcome, death_reason

The outcome tag can have two values:

  • success
  • error

The outcome tag can have five values:

  • unhandledError: some unexpected error happened
  • decodingError: the message couldn't be decoded
  • idNotFoundError: the Id couldn't be parsed from the message
  • sfGetRecordError: the call to Salesforce Rest APIs failed
  • kafkaError: there was an error while sending the outcome to the projection