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Version: 13.x (Current)

License management and tracking

Mia-Platform Console comes with a self-managed license tracking mechanism, that measures Console usage on a timely base.

The data is collected by querying the cluster directly for information in a time period specified within this configuration in the scheduleEveryMinutes field.


In order to reach the Kubernetes clusters the license tracking system will use the service accounts configured in your Company for each Cluster; make sure these service account have the following permissions described here.


The license tracking system is enabled by default, however if your contract allows for it you can shut it down or tune it with a different time schedule.

Configure licenses tracking

License tracking can be configured with the configurations.licenses object, this configuration is optional and accepts the following options:

enabledbooleanSet if license metrics generator should be activetrue
scheduleEveryMinutesstringCronJob schedule when license metrics generator should run15