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Version: 13.x (Current)

File Storage Management

Mia-Platform Console requires a connection to a bucket where files can be stored, supported buckets are:

  • MongoDB GridFS
  • AWS S3 (and S3 compatible storages)
  • Google Cloud Storage

You can configure the desired file storage with the fileStorageType configuration key with one of mongodb, s3 or googleStorage (the default value is mongodb).


The bucket is named by default as files-bucket; if you want to change the bucket name set the filesBucketName configuration as desired.

MongoDB specific configurations

There are no specific configurations for MongoDB integration since the connection string is obtained via the configurations.mongodbUrl configuration value; more information can be found here.

AWS S3 specific configurations

filesStorageS3KeystringThe S3 key
filesStorageS3SecretstringThe S3 secret
filesStorageS3RegionstringThe S3 region where the bucket is located
filesStorageS3EndpointstringThe S3 endpoint
filesStorageS3ForcePathStylebooleanWhether to force path style URLs for S3 objects
filesStorageS3SignatureVersionstringThe signature version to sign requests with

Google Cloud Storage specific configurations

filesCredentialsstringA stringified credentials file for conneting to the Google Storage bucket


filesStorageType: "googleStorage"
filesBucketName: "mia-console-files-bucket"
filesCredentials: "{{GOOGLE_STORAGE_CREDENTIALS}}"

Workload Identity

If you are using a cloud provided bucket storage from AWS or Google you can also use the Workload Identity authorization method. You can use the serviceAccount.annotations property to setup the correct annotation for your cloud provider and follow their guides for setting up the provider correctly.