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Version: 13.x (Current)

Company Overview

A "Company" in Mia-Platform isn't merely a business entity in the traditional sense. It embodies a resource overseeing a collection of projects within the platform.
Think of it as a container, encapsulating various initiatives, and providing a centralized control point. This design not only facilitates effective project management but significantly enhances governance over resources and operations.

In practical terms, a "Company" could encompass all projects of an organization or just a subset, perhaps representing the undertakings of a single operational unit or department within a larger business. Such flexibility enables organizations to structure and organize their projects to best mirror their operational setup and needs.

Through the Company Overview, users gain access to:

  • User Permissions and Group Management: Ensuring meticulous control over resource access. More details
  • Service Accounts: Handle service accounts for automated interactions and specific operations. More details
  • Cluster Management: Add, remove, and monitor Kubernetes clusters to ensure scalability and resilience. More details
  • Integration with Providers: Integrate tools and services like Git repositories, Secret Manager, and CI/CD Tool to facilitate development and operations. More details
  • Webhooks: Leverage webhooks to ease the integration and automation between various tools and services. More details
  • Design Overview: Obtain a visual overview of resources, filtering, organization, and customization. More details

The architecture of Company Overview is aimed at offering a clear and comprehensive view of business undertakings, with tools readily available to optimize efficiency, governance, and integration. This all-inclusive approach provides a 360-degree view of resources and operations, while simultaneously streamlining and enhancing project management.