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Version: 13.x (Current)

Mia-Platform stable versions

A stable release is version that is as reliable as possible and on which a defined maintenance time window (MTW) is guaranteed.

Versions labeled as stable are particularly suitable for on-premise updates and installations.

Typically, a new stable version is announced every quarter of the year. Therefore, four stable versions will be announced over a one-year period.

For each stable version, a Maintenance Time Window (MTW) will be granted for a three-months period approximately, pending the next stable version.

Thus, once a Major/Minor version is labeled as stable, patches on this specific version will be provided throughout the Maintenance Time Window in case of relevant detected bugs. Then, we recommend regularly upgrading to the latest patch of the stable release.
Once a new stable release is announced, it is suggested to upgrade to the new stable version to ensure guaranteed future support in case of malfunctions or relevant bugs detection.


Only bug-fixes will be applied on the stable version, and no new features will be added.

Stable versions list

Here you can find the list of stable versions, with their guaranteed maintenance time windows (MTW).


As the transition period from one MTW to the next approaches, more precise dates for the closing of the first and the opening of the next will be reported in the following table.

QuarterStable VersionStart MTWEnd MTW
Q1 - 2024v12.0.xJanuary 18th, 2024April 15th, 2024
Q2 - 2024v12.3.xApril 15th, 2024mid-July, 2024
Q3 - 2024v13.0.xmid-July, 2024mid-October, 2024
Q4 - 2024TBDmid-October, 2024mid-January, 2025