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Version: 13.x (Current)

options Command

List all the general flags that can be used with all the other subcommand.

  • certificate-authority: Path to a cert file for the certificate authority
  • client-certificate: Path to a client certificate file for TLS
  • client-key: Path to a client key file for TLS
  • cluster: The name of the kubeconfig cluster to use
  • context: The name of the kubeconfig context to use
  • kubeconfig: Path to the kubeconfig file to use for CLI requests
  • namespace: If present, the namespace scope for this CLI request
  • server: The address and port of the Kubernetes API server
  • token: Bearer token for authentication to the API server
  • user: The name of the kubeconfig user to use
  • insecure-skip-tls-verify: If true, the server's certificate will not be checked for validity. This will make your HTTPS connections insecure