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Version: 12.x (Current)

User Companies

Console users have the possibility to view a list of all the Companies they belong to, and to leave them autonomously when they need it.


You need to be part of at least one Company to view the list.

Viewing your Companies

When hovering over the user profile picture, a dropdown menu appears: click on the Companies item to view the list of your Companies.

user settings dropdown

In Companies section, a user can find information about which Companies it has access to. For each Company, a user can identify its assigned Company role and which groups he belongs to.

Companies section

Leaving a Company

If you no longer want to be part of a Company, you can decide to leave it by clicking on the exit button placed at the end of each table row.


You will be asked to confirm your choice. After leaving a Company, you will lose access to all its Projects and resources until you are reinstated as a member of the Company. In addition, leaving the Company will result in automatically leaving all Company groups of which you belong to.

leave company modal