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Version: 12.x (Current)

Manage a Kustomize project

The basic building blocks of Kustomize are the environment overlays. Overlays are folders inside your project's git repository located at the path overlays/. Each environment can have its overlay and should be placed inside overlays/%envId%/ (where %envId% is the runtime environment identifier). These runtime environment overlays can contain the following types of files:

  • kustomization.yaml: file that contains the directives that define the resulting configuration for the services deployed in the selected environment %envId%. Here, you can specify both the new resources to add and the base resources to patch. For more info see here.

  • %resourceName%.yaml (put your actual resource name instead of %resourceName%): files containing the new resources to add to your base configuration.

  • %patchName%.patch.yaml (put your actual patch name instead of %patchName%): files containing possible partial modifications to your base project configuration.