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v5.7.1 (May 19,2020)


  • Console

    From CMS it is now possible to configure different default environment variables for each template, in order to overwrite the default environment variables applied by DevOps Console. You can configure the environment variables by adding defaultEnvironmentVariables inside the data model of each template. To learn how to use this new feature, please visit this page of Mia Platform Docs.

  • You have now the possibility to resize columns in the Pre/Post section of DevOps Console.




  • Deploy

    Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) file is generated with .yml extension instead of .yaml. So, HPA files can now be deployed successfully.


Mia Platform recommends you to delete al the .hpa.yaml files and to mantain all the .hpa.yml files.

How to update your DevOps Console?

In case of on-premise Console, to use these features, you have to update:

  • Console website @1.20.0

  • Console backend @1.20.0