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v5.7.0 (May 12,2020)


This version solves the breaking change of v5.6.1: now CMS backend does not go in error. If you have configured 'cmsmenu' CRUD, the menu items will be shown in CMS since 'groups' property will be automatically added.

New capabilities

  • Create and Manage Cronjobs
    This new section of Design area enables you to create, manage and delete CronJob, a scheduled Job that will be executed periodically on a given schedule, from DevOps Console.


Here you can find more details about CronJobs creation and management.

New features

  • Design - Microservices: add a configmap
    With this version we have introduced 'add configuration' button that allows you to create configmaps in order to add files to your microservice without going to the advanced configuration.


  • Design - Microservices: switch to standard mode without loosing information
    We have simplified the switch from advanced to standard mode in the Microservices section. Now, in fact, you can come back to standard configuration without loosing your advanced settings like your docker image, your variables and your configmaps.



We suggest you to convert in a standard mode all your microservices in order to achieve a better governance of your microservices.

Here you can find more detailed guidelines about the creation and the management of configurations from DevOps Console.


  • Design - Microservices, Cronjobs and Proxies
    Restyling of Microservices, Cronjobs and Proxies deletion: now, on the footer of the page, there is a card with the 'delete' button. If you push it, a pop up appears in the centre of the page to confirm the deletion.


  • Design - Microservices
    Restyling of Microservices page: name, tag, 'Clone' and 'View Repository' remains on the header of the page when the user scrolls down the page.



  • CMS
    Logout from CMS is fixed and returns a feedback in case of error. Moreover, v1-adapter has been updated to version 2.4.0, cms-site to version 9.8.1 and cms-backend to version 3.0.0

  • Restyling of the padding between the Search bar and first input selected in each section of Design area.

  • Improvement of the organization of the elements of DevOps Console pages when the width of the window is reduced.


How to update your DevOps Console?

In case of on-premise Console, to use the previous features, you have to update:

  • Console website @1.19.0

  • Console backend @1.19.1

If you have a custom CMS, you have also to update it at v9.8.1.