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Platform v5.5.2

v5.5.2 -1 Patch (April 10,2020)


Design page of DevOps Console was inaccessible cause by an update of GitLab

With GitLab version 12.9.2 file_path beginning with / failed. With this problem, the configuration files of the advanced services cannot be downloaded, so the Design area is inaccessible.


Remove initial / to file_path on requesting file to gitlab

v5.5.2 (April 9, 2020)


  • Design - Microservices
    When a microservice is created using one of Mia-Platform templates or example, the probes of that service are already compiled and contactable by Kubernetes.


  • Restyling of the following section, introducing the card component: Proxies, Create New Endpoint, API Pre/Post


  • Microservice Gateway Bug in v5.5.1
    To resolve it we have updated the following platform components:

    • cms-backend v2.0.1 we changed the /client-key response code from 200 to 204;
    • Microservice Gateway v5.1.5 no longer returns status code 500 if a service replies with status code 204.


    It is a breaking change for api returning 200 with an empty content-type when allowUnknownResponseContentType in microservice-gateway configuration is set to true.

    • auth-service v1.6.4 returns 204 on API /logout
  • Fix to the menu hover with filters that did not make the text readable