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v5.5.1 (April 6,2020)


Microservice-gateway returns 500 if endpoints return 200 without a response body or 204 with allowUnknownResponseContentType to false
Fixed in v5.5.2


  • Design - Microservices
    New you go directly to your git Repository from the DevOps Console selection "View Repository" button in microservice detail page.
    Pay Attention: This button is present only in microservices created from Templates. view-repository
    At this link, you can find more details about microservices management.

  • Auth0 - CMS
    For each environment, CMS is able to manage separated users on Auth0Client: in other words, "Development" users can be seen only on Development environment and "Pre Production" users can be seen only on Pre Production environment. This feature is deployed with the version v2.3.0 of Auth0Client.

  • Log & Monitoring
    In the detail of each Pod, the user experience beyond the buttons "Refresh Logs" and "Restart Pod" has been improved.

At this link, you can find more details about Logs and Pods Monitoring.

  • Design - Microservices
    Restyling of the card of microservice, created from Template or from Docker Image.


  • Microservice Gateway 5.1.3
    Now Microservice Gateway is able to manage the error created when content-type is not correct.