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v5.5.0 (March 31,2020)


  • Design - Microservices
    During Microservice creation, default values for GroupName are created.
    The initial selection of GroupName is on "Services", but, if needed, it can be changed.
    At this link, you can find more details about microservice creation from Template.

  • Design - Microservices
    Now you can clone code repository directly from DevOps Console selecting Clone button on Microservice design page. Clone supports both ssh and https.
    Pay attention: this button is present only in microservices created from DevOps Console.
    At this link, you can find more details about microservices management.


  • Design
    Titles in the Launcher are not aligned with the titles of the Console sections.

  • Design - Microservices
    Card and Card's titles in Microservices Details are not aligned.

  • Design - CRUD/Microservices/Pre&Post
    During the typing of a description of a Collection, Microservice or Decorator, an error appears when a "space" is typed. The description validators are removed.

  • Design - Crud/Proxies/Endpoints
    When the user wants to see the field's and type's detail, they seem to be disabled. Border, cursor, color and background of the input element are changed.