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Version: 9.x (Current)

Mia-Platform v9.0

Let’s introduce Mia-Platform v9.0, a new release to deliver quality cloud native applications and delight customers.

User Management

In the company section and within each project it will be possible to assign roles and permissions to existing users: in this way it is possible to customize the roles of each user and have a correct management of privileges.


With the same credential you have access to all the resource connected to your project: Console, Kubernetes, Gitlab, Kibana, Grafana and much more!

RBAC Service

RBAC Service is an authorization mechanism built on top of the user’s Roles. It is extremely useful to decouple authorization policies mechanism and application It also allows you to define your custom permissions, group them by Roles and then assign these Roles to your users (or even groups of users).

Fast Data Low Code

With Fast Data Low Code, the console will support you as it has never done before. The Real Time Updater Low Code and the Single View Creator Low Code could be configured with a few clicks. Even the strategies could be automatically managed by clicking on the "Low Code" button, allowing the console to do the dirty work for you.


We improved it with new functionalities such as data export, nested objects views, Analytics configuration, lookup live-search, and linked fields. You can directly and easily customize Mia-Platform Backoffice from Mia-Platform Console, leveraging the power of our open source project: micro-lc, the micro frontends’ orchestrator.

Dev Portal

The new version 1.2 of the Dev Portal application has been released! This version brings with it interesting new features:

  • a new modern Marketplace to document and organize your APIs and Events.
  • a new concrete content management system built with Mia Backoffice.
  • a system for managing requests integrated into the marketplace.

Support Envoy as API Gateway

Envoy is a high-performance edge and service proxy, built for microservice applications. Its advanced configuration allows shaping it to work as an API Gateway, to securely manage communication among the project's services. Thanks to its extensive features, the user can customize and enhance its functionalities, adapting them to the application's needs.

Metrics Homepage

The project Homepage has been redesigned in order to give more information about the status of your project. You can now see all your environments and check how are the pods of your services. The KPIs you may need is already there such as Pods status(how many pods are healthy) and CPU and RAM usage, request and limit.

Company Endpoint Overview

The Endpoint Overview provides the user with a graphical cross-project overview of the configuration of all the selected company's projects. The graphical overview has a particular focus on the security configuration of the projects' endpoints

Runtime Monitoring

The Runtime area has been enriched! It is now possible to:

  • monitor the logs of multiple pods at the same time, for a maximum of 5 selected containers;
  • in the Pod details, you can find the Pod Events and the Pod Describe to better monitor your services on K8s;
  • we introduced the Nampespace section where you can fine Namespace Describe and Namespace events.