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Version: 9.x (Current)

Version 9.4.2 Release Notes

July 21st, 2022


Security Fix

A potential leak of the Provider access tokens associated with a specific Project has been fixed; prior this version it was possible for a malicious actor to exfiltrate the Provider access token by forging a specific API request. Such API has been properly protected to prevent this from happening. To obtain the token, the malicious actor must be authenticated and must have access to the project.


Anyone using Console v9 or above is affected by this vulnerability so update as soon as possible

Bug Fix

Marketplace filters cleared correctly

Fixed a bug that prevented the filters to be cleared correctly when clicking on the marketplace button.

Microservice Annotations and Labels description

Fixed a bug that prevented to correctly edit the description of microservice annotation and labels.


CRUD service removal error message

When CRUD service is removed while having type CRUD or MongoView endpoints a more self-explanatory error is shown when saving the configuration.

Open project on the branch you used most recently

When opening any project that you have previously opened you will be automatically redirected to the last branch you used.

Marketplace filters automatically applied based on console section

Marketplace items are now automatically filtered based on the console section in which you currently are.

Backoffice - 1.0.6

New features

Support for file arrays

New format file is supported for array fields: multiple files are visualized in bk-table through a pop-over, it is possible to update multiple files at the same time through forms.


bk-table allows to download / preview files

bk-table property openFileInViewerRegex was updated to also allowing to specify download or view mode when clicking file cells

Fields shadow color can be controlled

In forms, selected fields box-shadow color can be controlled by global CSS variables

New property appendTrailingSlash on bk-crud-client

A new property appendTrailingSlash was added to bk-crud-client, controlling whether or not to add a trailing slash / to the endpoint when performing HTTP calls

Updated Files Service interface on bk-file-client

Files Service interface on bk-file-client was updated, allowing for download with actual filename in Content-Disposition header field

Bug Fix

Fixed radius in multilookup

Fixed multilookup field not fully containing all selected entries in forms

Fixed duplicate filters

Inputting the same filter multiple times now resolves in a single filter

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 7.2.4.