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Version: 12.x (Current)

Version 12.2.1 Release Notes

February 22th, 2024


Revision History for Projects with Enhanced Workflow

We have introduced the possibility to view the history of revisions for projects using the Enhanced Workflow.

Now, you can get a quick overview of all the saves made within a specific revision, including additional information such as the date & time, author, and the message associated with the revision save.

You can access this feature by clicking on the "History" button inside the revision action popover: a modal will show up, will all the afore-mentioned information.


Telepresence v2 support in Debug area

Support for telepresence v2 has been added within the Debug area of the Console. The commands that are displayed via the appropriate modal are now supported with the latest version of the tool.

For more information go to the documentation.

miactl CLI - Added a flag to show all the public Markeplace Items

A new --public flag has been added to the miactl marketplace list command: it allows to fetch and visualize not only the internal items of the current requested Company, but also all the public items available on the Marketplace.

Check the miactl marketplace list command documentation for more information.

Dynamic Sidebar available on the New Look and Feel navigation

The "Dynamic Sidebar" feature preview is now available even when the "New Look and Feel" feature preview is enabled

Bug Fix

This version addressed the following bug:

  • we fixed a bug that prevented the deletion of configmaps from a service

Fast Data

Fast Data Configurator

New Features

Entities renaming when importing as a resource

When importing entities as resource it is now possible to rename them inside of the import modal.


Improved ER Schemas and Single Views consultation

Added pagination and search functionalities to ER Schemas and Single Views table lists.

Improved no-code ER Schema feedback

Both warnings and errors in no-code ER Schemas are now displayed more clearly.

Fast Data Services

Single View Trigger Generator

The new version v3.1.5 of the Single View Trigger Generator is available!

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • in the case of one-to-many relationships, the service does not crash anymore when it executes an automatic strategy over a record whose primary key fields have a value set to null

For more information check out the service changelog.

Single View Creator

In order to simplify the creation of Single View Creator plugins depending on the selected Fast Data Architecture, the original marketplace plugin has been split into two. The Mongo based plugin is preconfigured for the Standard architecture, while the Kafka based is preconfigured for the Event-Driven architecture.

Single View Creator Marketplace


Please notice that Single View Creator service instantiated starting from these new Marketplace item definitions can not be attached to the Fast Data Configurator UI and therefore managed from it.

We acknowledged the problem and we have already provided a fix that will be released with the next Console version (v12.3.0).

Data Catalog

Data Catalog Agent Template

The new version v0.4.0 of the Data Catalog Agent template is available!

New Features

Mia-Platform CRUD Service (v6.10.0 or later) has been added among the supported Data Sources, so that it is possible to configure the Agent to gather metadata from the ones deployed in your projects environments.


In order to get access to this new feature, please remember to rebuild your Data Catalog Agent image against the newer Agent template version.

Microfrontend Composer


Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • fixed "edit page" modal title copy

Back-Kit Library

The new version v1.4.15 of the back-kit library is available!

Refer to back-kit changelog for finer-grained details of new versions.

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • dynamic values may include new line characters in all components
  • bk-expanded-filters now allows to customize date picker locale


CRUD Service

CRUD Service version 6.x.x has just received the last update with version v6.10.0

New Features
  • the GET /<collection>/count endpoint, which compute the total number of documents contained within selected collection, now accepts a new query parameter _useEstimate that instructs the underlying logic to retrieve an approximated count, regardless of any filter (hence __STATE__ filter is not honored when this parameter is configured to true)
  • the general /-/schemas endpoint and the collection specific /<collection>/schema endpoint have been added, so that it is possible to introspect the collections and obtain their data model as JSON schemas
Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • support for querying nested fields whose type is Date has been fixed, so that the input type is properly converted to the stored type before performing the comparison between values

Furthermore, the new version v7.0.0 of the CRUD Service is available!

Breaking Changes
  • introduce support to MongoDB v7.0.0 and drop support for MongoDB v4.2.0
  • to better clarify the error response, when inserting a new document in a collection and a duplicated unique key error is raised, the service now replies with a 409 Conflict HTTP Error, instead of 422 Unprocessable Entity HTTP Error
  • to better clarify the error response, when requesting a document __STATE__ to transition to an invalid value, a 400 Bad Request HTTP Error is returned, rather than a 404 Not Found HTTP Error
  • querying documents with fields not specified in the collection data model now yields a 400 Bad Request HTTP Error to enforce data model access. Similarly, documents fields not defined in the collection data model are not returned in the response
New Features
  • introduced defaultSorting as a new collection configuration property. This allows to define a set of fields with their sorting direction to be employed as sorting operation to all the GET queries whenever the _s parameter is not specified. In the case _s query parameter is set, it takes precedence over the default sorting assigned to the collection config. By default, the property is not set, so that the default behavior with respect to previous service versions remains unchanged.

A migration guide is available here to aid you in migrating your existing CRUD services to version v7.0.0.

For more information please check out the service changelog.

How to update your Console

For self-hosted installations, please head to the self hosted upgrade guide or contact your Mia-Platform referent and upgrade to Console Helm Chart v12.0.3.