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Version: 11.x (Current)

Version v11.6.0 Release Notes

Sep 14th, 2023


New Features

Project Settings

Inside the 'Overview' Area of a Project, you can now access a brand new section called 'Settings', where users with enough administrative permissions can view and manage the settings of their Project. This will speed-up and optimize the overall administration of Projects, which – until now – was only possible exclusively via CMS, making it no longer tedious or error-prone!

Project Settings

For more information about Project Settings, go to the official documentation.

Delete a Project

To enable even more exhaustive management of the resources in Console, it is now possible to delete a Project directly from its settings. By simply accessing the respective Advanced tab of Project Settins, the user can easily delete a Project with all its resources.

For more information, go to the official documentation.

Share Internal Company Marketplace items to other Companies through Marketplace Providers

From now on a Company will be able to allow access to the resources of its Internal Company Marketplace to other Companies, thanks to the introduction of a new Marketplace feature for Providers.

You will be able to add a Marketplace Provider in your Company and manage the accessibility of Marketplace resources connected to that Provider, directly from the Providers section in Console.
All you need to do is to add a Marketplace Provider by clicking on the "Add Marketplace Provider connection" option – available in the Providers section – and then configure on the CMS all the Marketplace resources that you want to make available to other Companies. This can be done by specifying the providerId of the Marketplace Provider and editing the visibility property for each of those Marketplace resources.

For more information about how to connect a Marketplace resource to a Marketplace Provider and make it available to other Companies, visit the related documentation page. You can find other precious information also inside the Providers documentation section, available here.

Add Provider Image

Manually launch CronJobs from the Runtime Area

From now on, users with enough administrative permissions can manually launch immediate executions of CronJobs, directly from the Runtime area of the Console. This action can be triggered either from the options menu in the CronJobs Table, or by clicking the button in the CronJob Describe page. Once launched, you will see the created Job and the relative Pod in the dedicated resource sections of the Runtime area.

For more information, go to the CronJobs documentation.

Delete Jobs from Jobs section in Runtime Area

In the Jobs section of the Runtime Area, users with enough administrative permissions can now delete Jobs directly from the Jobs table.

For more information, go to the Jobs documentation.

Fast Data

Fast Data Configurator

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • documentation links have been fixed to align with the changes inside the Fast Data section of the docs
  • it is now possible to correctly see nested fields (e.g. Array of Objects) inside the No Code Aggregation, without seeing them disappear after clicking
  • the dependencies counter on the No Code Aggregation has been adjusted in order not to display joinDependency dependencies
  • still in the No Code Aggregation, when an array has only one dependency configured, said dependency cannot be modified with the "Set Path" button

Fast Data Services

Real Time Updater v7.5.6

The new version v7.5.6 of the Real Time Updater is available!

Bug Fix
  • when configured to execute projection changes strategies, now the service does not compute the strategy for a projection record when it is not updated on the database. This occurred when an ingestion message timestamp was older than the one set on the record stored in the database

Single View Creator v6.1.0

The new version v6.1.0 of the Single View Creator is available!

New Features
  • introduce initial support for pr-update trigger messages v2.0.0, which is employed in the SV Patch flow. Note: existing pr-update version v1.0.0 is still supported
  • introduce sv-trigger and pr-update message validation to ensure incoming messages are processable
  • the service performs an additional startup verification on all the needed configuration files, checking also that they are not empty and contain a valid configuration or function (depending on the file)

For more information check out the service changelog.


Backoffice Configurator

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • the backoffice preview no longer breaks if web components using the history browser API are loaded on the page


Marketplace Updates

CRUD Service

The new version v6.9.1 of the CRUD Service is available!

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • collection export endpoint (/<collection-name>/export) can now parse multiple Accept header values and select the one with the highest weight

For more information check out the service changelog.

Form Service BE and FE - v1.9.x

The Form Service now allows sending an email to the user upon form submission to confirm the successful submission. Email sending requires a running instance of the Messaging Service. The BE configuration file now accepts the field isMessagingAvailable and messagingOptions for managing notifications. A new GET /templates endpoint has been created for retrieving email templates.

Messaging Service - v1.4.0

The POST /send endpoint now accepts the new emailCarbonCopies and emailBlindCarbonCopies fields for adding email addresses as carbon copies (CC) and blind carbon copies (BCC).

O3 DICOM Service - v0.1.3

Added VIEWER_AUTHORIZATION_TOKEN env var to enable using two different api keys for the PACS and the VIEW systems.

Therapy and Monitoring Manager - v0.2.0

  • added adherence and compliance status
  • renamed 'observation' to 'detection'
  • added localized prototype hints
  • skip adherence computation on therapies without a time schedule

See the CHANGELOG for a complete list of new features.

How to update your Console

For on-premise installations, please contact your Mia-Platform referent and upgrade your Console Helm Chart to v9.5.6.