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Version: 11.x (Current)

Version v11.4.1 Release Notes

July 20th, 2023


New Features

Added a new event for Console Webhooks: Create Tag

Via the respective section, it is now possible to configure a webhook on the trigger of a 'Create Tag' event. Thus, by creating a new tag via the Design Area of the Console, custom webhooks can be triggered if configured appropriately.

For further details, go to the documentation.


Merge improvements

  • During merge process, users can now accept either all incoming or all current changes instead of resolving diff by diff. More specifically, in each merge modal section, thanks to two proper buttons, it is now possible to decide to either keep current changes (on the right-hand editor) or accept all incoming changes (on the left-hand editor). For more information about how to perform a merge of configurations, go to the related documentation.

  • In merge modal, Authorization section has been organized into four different subsections: Enabled Services, Image Name, Permissions, RBAC storage. In particular, within Permissions section, users can now view and manage diffs for Policies and Policy Tests.

Bug Fix

This version addressed a bug that prevented the creation and deletion of root service accounts.

Fast Data


New Single View Creator v6.0.0

A new major version of the Single View Creator has been released! The Breaking Change feature is that the service will crash at startup if the Aggregation configuration file contains at least a condition that does not exist in the ER Schema or it includes an empty query.

Read the entire Changelog here for more details!

Bug Fix

This version addressed the following bugs in the Aggregation No Code section:

  • it is now possible to manually remove join dependencies from the Advanced Mode without falling into a Console error
  • when mapping a Base Projection field to a Single View field, only fields with the same type of the Single View field are available as options


Backoffice Configurator

New Features

Back-kit data schema properties can be marked as required

When configuring a shared property of type back-kit/data-schema with the no-code editor, the properties of the schema can be marked as required.

During Compose pages creation templates now show useful information

Choosing a template when creating a new page of type compose will now show a brief description of the template itself and a link to its documentation (if available).

Compose pages templates can be fetched from external sources

The Configurator can now be instructed to fetch compose page templates from external sources. Refer to the documentation for details on how to configure this feature.

Properties of type dynamic-icon now support more icon libraries

Properties of type dynamic-icon can now be configured to use icons coming from the Fontawesome Brand library and Phosphor library.

Automatic data schema generation from CRUD has been improved

The button for generating a back-kit kit data schema from a CRUD collection is now always visible, albeit disabled if some condition is not meet. Moreover, the generation algorithm has been improved to better handle CRUD "base" properties and properties of type ObjectId and Geopoint.

Bug Fix

Advanced tab "edited" state is now displayed correctly

The blue dot in the Advanced tabs showing that there are some pending modifications no longer appears when working in different sections of the Configurator.

Properties of type dynamic-icon are now properly configurable

A bug preventing icons lists to be searched when configuring properties of type dynamic-icon has been solved. Moreover, a preview of the available icons is now correctly shown before the icon name.

Backoffice Library - 1.3.17


bk-layout supports phosphor icons

bk-layout supports phosphor icons in menu items via @micro-lc/iconic@1.3.0

Bug Fix

bk-layout icon style

bk-layout icons style look and feel is now using the primary color


Marketplace Updates

Swagger aggregator - v3.5.0

Added PREVENT_REQUEST_BODY_CONFLICTS env variable. When this boolean is set to true, it disables the duplication of the requestBodiesobject when converting from swagger to openApi V2. This avoids conflict between multiple requests with the same name inside the components object.

How to update your Console

For on-premise installations, please contact your Mia-Platform referent and upgrade your Console Helm Chart to v9.5.0.