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Version: 11.x (Current)

Version v11.1.0 Release Notes

May 25th, 2023


New Features

User Groups Management

Company Owners can now manage users also through Groups from Mia-Platform Console.
Thanks to groups it is possible to simplify and speed-up the management of a multitude of users who have to be assigned the same privileges.
Users management through groups sits alongside the current individual identities access management, to allow you to better structure access to resources and fit your teams structure, giving you the freedom to choose how to govern access levels of your Company users.

Groups section

To find out more about user groups management, just take a look at the related documentation page.

Internal Marketplace for Companies

Along with the traditional public Marketplace, it is now possible for Companies to have their own Company-related Marketplace items; these items will only be available to Projects within the Company, allowing for a better definition of custom resources that can speed up your development process.
These Company-related Marketplace items can be managed and created by Company Owners and Project Administrators and will then be visible only to members of that specific Company.

To find out more information on how to manage Marketplace resources owned exclusively by the Company, visit the dedicated Marketplace documentation page.


Check of Certificate Authority in cluster connection

During Cluster creation, adding the Certificate Authority is no more mandatory; based on your cluster setup you may still be required to provide a CA. Before connecting the Cluster to your Company, the Console will make sure that it can correctly reach the Cluster with a secure connection, meaning that if your Cluster uses self-signed certificate the CA will still be required.

Bug Fix

This version addressed a few bugs, here is a comprehensive list:

  • An error that caused the Debug Area of the Console to fail to load has been fixed;
  • A bug in the Project creation that caused a malfunction in the display of the default CI/CD tool of each environment has been fixed;
  • We solved an error that caused a malfunction of the multi-log functionality of Pods in the Runtime area;
  • An issue that prevented the user to understand the type of error running in a Pod, by showing a generic "undefined" in the information popup, has been fixed;
  • The Backoffice Configurator now correctly configures the oneOf properties, handling it properly in editing modal.

Fast Data

New Features

Ingestion Reloader

Introducing a new version of the Ingestion Reloader, the 1.2.0! With this new verison, you can now filter specific messages retrieved from a bucket, using a custom selector system and allowing precise and targeted filtering of messages to be reingested: just specify the file with it in the customSelectorName field. The selector's configurations are available at the POST /reingestion/file and POST /reingestion/topic endpoints.

Go to the official documentation to find out more.

Debezium DB2 template

The rollout of the supported Debezium Templates is going on! You can now find in the Marketplace the Debezium connector template for DB2 databases with the pre-configured config map for Debezium Server to connect directly to a DB2 Database.


Updated delete modal inside the Fast Data section

The delete modal inside the System of Records, Projections and Single Views pages has been updated to support the automatic deletion of records and their dependencies. For example, when deleting a System of Record, it will not be necessary to manually delete all of its related Projections.

No Code ER Schema

A couple of improvements have been made to the No Code ER Schema canvas:

  • the creation and editing of rules inside the relationship panel now includes a filter by type for Projection fields
  • the relationship panel is automatically opened when creating a new relationship by connecting two Projections inside the canvas


New Marketplace Components

OpenAI Playground

This is a Next.js with React example in preview that allows you to try-out OpenAI APIs directly in Console. This service will help you leverage AI potentialities to answer any question you need to be answered.
You can find more info here.

Marketplace Updates

Chat Service Frontend - v1.0.1

Fixed integration with micro-lc v2.

HTTP Proxy Manager - v2.0.0

HTTP Proxy Manager now handles path parameters inside basePath and targetBaseUrl, using the {path-parameter} syntax. You can also set additionalHeaders value to add a list of headers that will be added to the request to the external service.

User Manager Service - v1.4.1

Added a TIMER_SERVICE_HEADERS env var to proxy headers to the Timer Service. Fixed return when an error occurs in the POST /users endpoint.

New Libraries

We are excited to announce the release of a new open-source library written in TypeScript that will help you easily check Kafka probes in your microservices: Kafka HealthChecker. This library is designed to simplify the process of monitoring Kafka by accepting in input a list of producers and consumers and providing two methods that will check if your service is connected to Kafka and able to process new messages.

We have included detailed documentation to help you get up and running with the library as quickly as possible.



New Features

bk-button access history in case of nesting

Component bk-button provides dynamic access to the history of previously navigated data in case of nesting through the key selectedParents

Bug Fix

Default date fields correctly formatted

Form components correctly localize default values of date fields, if dateOptions.displayFormat is not specified in corresponding data-schema property


New Features

error events carry response in payload

error events provide access to http response, if present, through its payload

bk-layout supports badges

Item menu in bk-layout can display extra data in a badge like styling, next to labels, using property badge. Data can be hard-coded into configuration or fetched through a configurable REST call

Data-schema enum supports labels

enum property of data-schema supports array of objects with keys id and label. This enables to specify a i18n label for enum values

File-upload actions support accept attribute

Actions fo type file-upload support accept attribute, restricting accepted files

bk-card allows to place footer buttons horizontally through key buttonsLayout in cardSchema.footer

Logo can be fetched form current user information

bk-layout supports retrieving logo URL from user data, which is retrieved from a configurable endpoint through an http call

Theming variables can be retrieved with http call

bk-antd-theme-manager supports retrieving theming information from a configurable endpoint through an http call

Bug Fix

Buttons in bk-confirmation-modal have headers and credentials

bk-confirmation-modal injects headers and credentials into dynamically mounted buttons

HTTP bk-buttons support loadingOnAction and disableOnAction

bk-buttons with action of type http correctly implement loadingOnAction and disableOnAction logic

Copy-paste actions stop propagation

Actions of type copy stop event propagation by default


Bug Fix

Component bk-layout correctly sets logo URL when userInfoUrl property is not specified

How to update your Console

For self-hosted installations, please head to the self hosted upgrade guide or contact your Mia-Platform referent and upgrade to Console Helm Chart v9.1.4.