Version: 8.x (Current)

Video Pills

Short videos to learn how to use Mia-Platform.

How to create a Node Microservice#

Learn how to to create a Node.js microservice in 1 minute: use Mia-Platform Templates from the Marketplace to create the microservice and expose it through an endpoint.

How to create a CRUD#

Learn how to create a MongoDB CRUD in only one minute.

How to configure the CMS#

Learn how to configure the CMS in few steps. Create pages and categories customizing the layout.

How to configure CMS Analytics#

Learn how to configure your CMS Analytics:

  • Select the display layout
  • Configure the widget file;
  • Manage properties (name, collection, filters, type of chart, color, CRUD microservice etc);
  • Set the data range
  • Release and view the analytics of your collections.