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Version: 9.5.x

SES Mail Notification Service

Mail Service allows sending e-mails via AWS SES or SMTP.


You can configure this service to send emails with one of the following modes:

  • SES: to use Amazon SES to send emails
  • SMTP: to use SMTP to send emails


The microservice uses Amazon SES service in order to send email. You need the key and the secret of the SES service. You can also specify the region you want to rely (it's default value is us-east-1).


The microservices uses SMTP in order to send email. You need HOST and PORT (default: 587) of the SMTP server. You can also specify security configurations in order to use TLS.

SMTP authentication is by default ensured by login method, by providing username and password.

If you want to use gmail, have a look to this page.