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Version: 8.9.x

Teleconsultation Service

The teleconsultation service uses the SaaS Bandyer Service which allows you to create a video call between two or more people, providing also different tools (like chat, whiteboard, screen sharing, file upload ecc.).

It has one Front End, the Teleconsultation Service Frontend, to handle and visualize the teleconsultation UI and all its relative tools for the call using iframe.

It has one Back End, the Teleconsultation Service Backend, which allows you to handle all the necessary operations (create, update, delete), on the teleconsultations. The Back End uses the RESTful APIs provided by Bandyer.


In order to use this service, you need first to contact Bandyer to create a Company, for your product and get the BANDYER_API_SECRET_KEY (for the Teleconsultation Service Backend).

Concepts you should be familiar with

Before continue reading the documentation, it's important to understand some basic concepts about Bandyer.


A Company is an account created by Bandyer. In order to use Bandyer's services, Bandyer has to provide you the BANDYER_API_SECRET_KEY (to communicate with their RESTful APIs).


To access their services, a user must be registered on Bandyer. There are two types of users:

  • Plus User - the one who can organize and participate to a call
  • Basic User - the one who participates to a call

In order to start a call, a plus user at least is required as participant in the call.

For additional information about users, check this link.


The virtual place where a call is hosted, is called a Room. There's the possibility to specify a max duration for a Room in seconds (max time allowed 24h).

For additional information about rooms, check this link.

Teleconsultation Service Frontend Routes

The frontend service exposes the following routes:

  • GET /teleconsultation/:teleconsultationId: it allows the start of a teleconsultation;

Teleconsultation Service Backend APIs

The Teleconsultation Service Backend service exposes the following APIs:

  • POST /teleconsultation: it allows the creation of a new teleconsultation;
  • PATCH /teleconsultation/:teleconsultationId: it allows the complete or partial update of a teleconsultation (participants, start_date, end_date);
  • DELETE /teleconsultation/:teleconsultationId: it allows the deletion of a teleconsultation;
  • GET /teleconsultation/:teleconsultationId: it returns all the data needed to instantiate a teleconsultation UI to start the call.