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Version: 8.9.x

Version 8.7.0 Release Notes

March 3, 2022

Fast Data

New Features

Import Fast Data Projections from DDL

The creation of multiple Projections in a System can be a tedious and error prone task, this is why we introduced a new functionality that allows you to import Projections directly from a DDL file, which you can easily produce directly from your DBMS. More information on how to use this feature can be found here


New features

Events and describe of each pod

Two precious new features have been introduced in the Runtime area: from today, in the Pod details, you can find the Pod Events and the Pod Describe (as JSON).

Microservices replicas now accept environment variable interpolation

In Microservices section, it is now possible to set the Static replicas field by interpolating an environment variable using {{VAR}} syntax.

Bug Fix

Test output correctly cleaned on exit

Solved a problem that was keeping older logs from policy testing in RBAC section.

With HPA enabled, replicas on deploy are not downgraded to 1

For services with HPA enabled replicas won't be automatically set to 1 if no static replicas value is provided.

Safari issues on RBAC policy tab

Fixed some CSS issues affecting the Safari version in RBAC section

Headless CMS of the console

A bug in the file upload section of the Console CMS has been fixed.

Breaking Changes

Realtime Updater v5.0.0

Due to security updates, when you create a new System of Records the Realtime Updater that will be created will be the v5.0.0. This version brings some breaking changes:

  • update mongodb package from ^3.6.0 to ^4.3.1. Please, refer to official mongodb changelog to get more information.
  • the kafkaInfo field has been renamed to __internal__kafkaInfo in Kafka Projection Changes.

Already existing Realtime Updater are not going to be afflicted in any way by this breaking change until you update their docker image.


Service changes calculation improved on deploy

Now, the contents of the subPaths of volumes mounted inside service, will be considered to comunicate if service will be released in the Deploy Compare table.


New Marketplace components

Added new RBAC service plugin in preview

The new RBAC service plugin has been added in the marketplace in preview for all the console users

Security update for the following microservices

  • api-portal: v1.15.1
  • dev-portal-marketplace-backend: v0.1.1
  • dev-portal-marketplace: v0.1.1
  • microlc-docusaurus-adapter: v0.1.1
  • micro-lc-rapidoc: v0.1.1
  • microlc-redoc: v0.1.1

Single View Creator v3.4.2

Single View Creator plugin and template have been updated to v3.4.2. This version fixes a bug that could cause a Projection changes to not be processed anymore if the Single View Creator crashed while the procressing.

This fix is also available for Single View Creator template updating the library @mia-platform-internal/single-view-creator-lib to ^9.6.3


New features

Dependent lookup/multilookup fields

It is now possible to control how the options of lookup/multilookup fields are fetched parametrically to other fields in the form. This can be achieved with the field lookupDeps inside lookupOptions in the data schema. For more information, refer to the documentation

Handle unresolved lookups

It is now possible to specify a value to be displayed for unresolved lookup values. This can be achieved setting the option customMessageOnAbsentLookup in the data schema.


Control trailing slash in lookup queries

New option lookupAddTrailingSlash has been added to lookupOptions in the data schema, controlling whether or not a trailing / is added to the endpoint for the lookup data query. Defaults to true. For more information, refer to the documentation.

Cache in lookup client

New option allowLiveSearchCache has been added to bk-crud-lookup-client., controlling whether or not to allow caching queries for live-search operations. The option default is false.

Multilookups in-place visualization

It is now possible to display the content of multilookup fields in-place, joining their values and printing them as a string. To do so, the option joinDelimiter should be specified inside visualizationOptions for the multilookup field in the data schema. For more information, refer to the documentation.

Bug Fix

Solved live-search in filters

Solved problem that prevented filter form from resolving lookups that were selected through live-search once re-opened.

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 5.11.15.