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Version: 7.9.x

Version 7.5.x Release Notes


April 27, 2021

New Features

Addition of services that act as decorators into Mia-Craft visualization

Services that act as decorators have been added and placed near the Microservice Gateway, to be more easily recognizable.

When using the right click on a custom microservices or the CRUD service, a context menu will be displayed that allows to directly reach the configuration page of a custom microservice, or the MongoDB CRUD section of the Console.

link on Mia-Craft

Addition of Mia-Craft legend

An explanatory legend has been added to simplify the comprehension of a Mia-Craft visualization

legend on Mia-Craft

Breaking Changes

Primary Key required for Projections

It's now mandatory to have set at least one Primary Key for each Projection. Otherwise, you will not be able to save your configuration.

Kafka Message Adapters objectKey

Custom Kafka Message Adapter cannot return null for objectKey attribute. Check out to return a valid object value.

Bug Fix

ConfigMap delete for advanced microservices

Saving a Project with an advanced microservices with configmaps lead to a Downloading configuration error due to its elimination. This bug has now been fixed and the advanced configmap are not deleted anymore.

HPA configurations delete

Fixed bug that caused the deletion of HPA files manually created on the repository when the file name was equal to a service name.

Projection fields generated from data sample

Fixed bug that broke the configuration after the import of fields from data sample for Projections.

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 3.7.6.


April 22, 2021

New Features

Fast Data Single Views

In the Design area, you can now configure your Single Views, using the Single Views page of the Fast Data section.

Fast Data Single Views

Define the fields of the single view and which Single View Creators services will update the single view in the Data Model section.

You can also set the strategies for each projection directly in the Strategies section of the single view you need to update.

Large Configmaps support

Core services configuration now supports ConfigMaps larger than 1MB (this limit is imposed by Kubernetes). Large ConfigMaps will be automatically split into multiple parts and joined back together during deployment.


ConfigMap resources cannot be split more than 20 times, hence the current maximum supported size for a ConfigMap is 16MB. This is necessary to avoid the handle of very huge files, that could bring to DOS attack if not correctly handled. If you have a ConfigMap that exceeds this limit, contact your Mia-Platform referent.

Public Variables warning customization

In the Public Variables section, an explanatory message with a documentation link is displayed anytime a user lands on that page for the first time. This message can now be personalized by the Console administrator directly from the notification section of the Console CMS.



Single View Creator Plugin

The Single View Creator Plugin is now available in the Marketplace. The plugin helps you to easily keep your Single Views updated. You only need to write three configuration files and then you are ready to deploy.

When you create the service from the plugin, all the environment variables are already set. What you need to do is just to change some of them depending on your needs.

The plugin is available only on Mia-Platform PaaS Marketplace. In order to have it on your on-premise installation, please contact your Mia-Platform technical referent.

Possibility to display Coming Soon microservices

In the Marketplace, console administrators can add and show Coming Soon templates, plugins and examples.

In order to add a Coming Soon service you need to create your service in the Console CMS of On Premise installations and set the Coming Soon label to true.

Bug Fix

Environment Pods list

Switching between environments in the Logs area could lead to a wrong Pod list visualization. This bug has now been fixed and the correct Pod are always listed.


Error message for malfunctioning Pods

A proper error message is displayed if something goes wrong during Pod container log retrieval.

New Deploy outcome option

A proper 'No info available' feedback is now provided in the Deploy Outcome column when there is not enough information to compute the preview. Read Smart Deploy documentation for additional information.

Release version visibility in the Deploy details

The Deploy section is now able to show services with versions coming from interpolated public variables. Once you have successfully configured your microservice, the value of the public variable corresponding to the selected environment will be displayed in the New version column of the Deploy Details.

Environment id and name display

Envs section now displays both the environment identifier and its label in the environments table.

How to update your Console

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 3.7.4.