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Version: 7.9.x

Version policy

Mia-Platform version numbers consist of 3 parts: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. For Example a version number could be: 4.17.3 The Major number identifies the Version.

4 is the Major number
17 is the Minor number
3 is the Patch number

  • MAJOR get updated with any significant Mia-Platform new functionalities release and for any backwards incompatible. A new major number is usually released every year.
  • MINOR get updated with any new functionalities released
  • PATCH get updated with any bug fixing or security fixing released.

The current version of the Platform is visible in the API Console.

Version Supported

Below are listed all the Major versions of Mia-Platform released. Mia-Platform guarantees security patches for the two preceding versions to the current Major.

Bux Fixing Patch and Minor will instead only be released for the current Major. Read Here to discover more about our bug policy

ReleaseRelease DateEnd of Life Date
v.7February 2021-
v.6September 2020-
v.5January 2020-
v.4July 2018January 2021
v.3September 2017September 2020
v.2November 2016December 2019
v.1December 2015July 2018