Version: 5.10.x

Platform v5.10

v5.10.5 (14 September,2020)#

New features#

  • Design Microservices - The documentation path accepts the dot character You can now use the dot character within the API documentation path.


  • Design Microservices - Fixed log parser default value Upon service creation, log parser has now a default value equal to mia-json.

  • Design - Fixed a bug that prevented saving advanced files You can now save your advanced files correctly.

How to update your DevOps Console#

In order to take advantage of new CMS feature and fix you have to update your custom CMS to v9.10.0.

For on-premise Console installations, you have to contact your Mia Platform referent to use the Helm chart version 2.2.12.

v5.10.4 (10 September ,2020)#

New features#

  • CRUD - Automatic creation of internal CRUD routes From now on, when you create a new collection, an internal endpoint will be automatically created. Find more information about the changes in this link about crud creation.


  • Dashboard - Full screen visualization and collapsible side bar You can now expand the dashboard visualization to full screen by clicking on the "full-screen" icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Furthermore you can now compress the left sidebar in the dashboard section to enlarge the data visualization.


  • Design Microservices - It is now possible to filter services by tag You can now use the search bar to filter your services by tag. The assigned tag is by default set to "custom" but you can change it at any time!

![service filter tag](img/service filter tag.PNG)

  • CMS - New clone button A new button is available in the CMS that allows you to clone selected items.


  • Design Crud - You can now add an index with a name longer than 32 characters You can now enter index names longer than 32 characters. The previously existing limit has been removed.

  • Design Endpoints - The custom endpoint tag specifies the service they point to When you create a new custom endpoint it will now have a tag equal to the name of the service it points to.

![tag endpoint](img/tag endpoint.PNG)

  • Design Decorators - Require body properties set true by default "Require request body" and "require response body" properties are now true by default to speed up the workflow.

![require body](img/require body.PNG)

  • CMS - In the table view the HTML tags are not shown In the table layout view the texts containing HTML tags are cleaned, you will only see relevant text for easier reading.


  • Design Endpoint - Fixed the delete button bug on endpoint's routes It's now possibile to delete any routes of a given microservice endpoint.

  • DevOps Console - Fixed the visualization bug of the project creation button The bug that prevented users with permission from viewing and using the project creation button has been fixed.

  • DevOps Console - Fixed the bug on "Setup infrastructure" buttons The "setup infrastructure" section is now consistently enabled or disabled depending on the project features.

  • Design Microservices - Api documentation path placeholder In the design area, after selecting a microservice you will now view the default documentation path equal to /documentation/json.

  • CMS - Fixed the bug that caused the CMS to send empty data Fixed the bug that caused the CMS to send empty objects and arrays instead of not sending the data.

How to update your DevOps Console#

In order to take advantage of new CMS feature and fix you have to update your custom CMS to v9.10.0.

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 2.2.11.

v5.10.3 (August 07,2020)#


  • Api Portal - Improved the json editing experience in the documentation The json edit panel is now larger by default and aligned with the rest of the body parameters. If you wish, you can enlarge it by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner.

modifica json

  • Api Portal - Autogeneration of examples is now enabled In the Api Portal documentation you can now take advantage of self-generated examples to more easily fill the required body params and test your endpoints.

![example autorilasciati](img/example autorilasciati.PNG)

  • Design Microservices - Introduced new logos and labels in the marketplace The service marketplace now includes new logos and renewed tags through which you can more easily search and find your favorite example, template or plugin.



  • API Portal - Fixed bug on the API Portal Fixed the bug on the generation of swagger-aggregator configurations that prevented the proper functioning of the API Portal.

  • Design Endpoint - Fixed visualization bug on endpoint section fields Fixed the irregular behavior that resulted in a shared state between different fields of the endpoint section.

  • Design Proxies - Fixed the bug in the proxy area infobox The proxy area infobox now shows the correct information about the main steps on how to create a proxy.

How to update your DevOps Console#

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 2.2.5.

From this version a new chart option has been added: enableTelemetry to enable Google Tag Manager installation and tracking via Google Analytics to collect information about console usage.By default it is disabled, if you want to turn it on you have to correctly configure the enableTelemetry option among the values of the chart helm.

v5.10.2 (July 28,2020)#


  • Commit & Generate - Introduced release note to tag You can now add a release note when creating a new tag (markdown is supported).



  • Design - Fixed placeholder bug Fixed placeholder message for forms in the proxies and decorators section: now they are no longer trimmed.

  • Design Endpoint - Fixed add new route bug Fixed the bug that made the previously created route path appear in the textbook insert route path.

  • DevOps Console - Fixed bug on Safari browser Fixed the bug that was preventing scrolling on Safari.

How to update your DevOps Console#

For on-premise Console installations, please contact your Mia Platform referent to know how to use the Helm chart version 2.2.2.

v5.10.1 (July 16,2020)#

New features#

  • Design Microservices - The Marketplace now includes plugins The marketplace has been enriched with a new functionality! In addition to templates and examples, it will be possible to use plugins that can be customized according to your needs. Mia Platform Plugins are useful to speed up the creation of your applications. For example, SQL Reader provides SQL queries as REST API, MongoDB Reader Provides MongoDB aggregation pipelines as REST API, SQL Invoker provides a REST API interface to execute SQL Stored Procedures, and so on.


  • Design Decorators - New type of decorators available Now you have the possibility to set up a CATCH decorator! CATCH decorators are invoked whenever the decorated endpoint returns an error status code. To learn more about decorators you can visit this page of Mia Platform Docs.



  • Design Endpoint - New experience for creating a new route You can now create the first endpoint route clicking on the new placeholder button. A useful popup will allow you to select method and path.


Once the first endpoint route has been created, it will be possible to create further routes by clicking on the `Add new Route` **button at the top right of the card**, now more visible and easy to use.


  • Design CMS - New header and footer With the new header and footer, CMS section has been aligned to CRUD, Microservices, Proxies, Endpoint and Cronjobs sections: the Delete button is now at the footer of the page.



  • API Portal - security headers for endpoints and routes Now the addition of security headers is required only for endpoints and routes configured as Required API Key.

  • Design Endpoint - New Cross labels In the endpoints section, endpoints that are linked to cross project proxies now display the shorter Cross label.


  • Design Endpoint - automatic update of endpoints When you delete a decorator, endpoints will update automatically.

  • Design CRUD - fixed projectId deletion The configuration bug that deletes projectId on CRUD has been fixed.

  • Design - forms allow white-spaces You can now enter white-spaces at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of forms without an error message appearing.

How to update your DevOps Console#

In case of on-premise Console, to use these features, you have to update:

  • Console Backend v3.3.0 (

  • Console Website v1.26.0 (

Moreover, you have to modify the CRUD of the services in the marketplace by:

  • Adding the dockerImage property (string type);

  • Removing the required check from archiveUrl;

  • Adding customFilesConfig (array of object type), which objects in the configuration should have the following properties:

    • repositoryType

    • fileType

    • fileName

    • filePath

    • ref

v5.10.0 (July 9,2020)#

New features#

  • CMS in DevOps Console projectConsole admin users can now access the CMS and modify Projects, Tenant, Templates, Services, Users and Groups directly from CMS.


  • Project Creation for admin users Now project creation section is enabled only for tenant-id admin and project admin users. To learn more about users permissions, please visit this page of Mia Platform Docs.


  • API Portal - tags for type and required propertiesNew tags to identify the required properties and the type of each property in the API Portal.


  • API Portal - managed error for unfilled properites Now errors for unfilled fields does not appear at the opening of a route, but when the field is not compiled.

  • API Portal - removed All filter Category filter in the API Portal does not show anymore the duplicated option All.

  • Deploy History - new Environment filter In History section of Deploy, you can now filter for Environment.



  • Memory resources and CPU resources documentation integration in Design Microservices Documentation integration has been added in Microservice configuration section with the addition of links to learn more about Memory resources and CPU resources.


  • Aligned menu resize icon in Design The menu resize icon no longer overlaps with the menu item expansion.

How to update your DevOps Console#

In the case of on-premise Console, to use these features, you have to update:

  • Console Backend v3.2.0 (

  • Console Website v1.25.0 (

  • Deploy Website v1.4.0 (