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Version: 5.10.x

DevOps Console Overview

Welcome to the DevOps Console Overview page!

Find out more about how to design and manage the full lifecycle of your DevOps Value Stream.

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Work on a single platform to manage the full lifecycle of your digital projects, from the set up of your K8s clusters to APIs and microservices design. Run your CI/CD pipelines, deploy on every kind of environment and monitor the performances of your runtime applications.

Infrastructure set-up

Get started with your project in a few clicks: configure Kubernetes clusters, set up your environments and manage all the environment variables.

CD/CI Pipelines

Design and build your CI/CD pipelines: choose your preferred DevOps tools, put them in the right order and let the Console do the work for you.

Microservices and API Design

Develop containerized services in any language with Templates. Design your CRUD and GraphQL APIs and expose information to all channels.

Test Automation & Debug

Automate your tests suite to deliver quality software at a sustainable pace. Debug your kubernetes services locally with your preferred debugging tool.


Release across different environments with rolling, blue/green, and canary releases. Make rollback easy with your GIT files history.

Log & Monitoring

Monitor your pods, health of clusters, storage consumption and communication among services to anticipate problems and bottlenecks.


Create your dashboards collecting data across the entire DevOps lifecycle to gain a complete overview of your application delivery value stream.

Platform Governance

Guarantee security, quality, and consistency across projects and teams, both internal and external, with clear policies enforced through code.

One Platform to rule them all: design and manage the full lifecycle of your DevOps Value Stream. Git, Jenkins, Docker, Nexus, Kubernetes, Terraform, Prometheus, Kibana and many others: control all your preferred tools from the same Console, define pipelines and common standards, and get a clear and simplified governance of your IT assets for your teams.

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