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Version: 11.7.x

SMS Service

SMS Service allows sending SMS through a specific service provider.

For now, the only service provider supported is Twilio.


Twilio service provider

The service needs an API Key to authenticate your requests to Twilio. This kind of revocable credential can be created in your Twilio console.

Environment variables

The SMS Service accepts the following environment variables.

  • SERVICE_PROVIDER (required): the service used to send the message. For now, it can only be twilio.

  • TWILIO_ACCOUNT_SID: the SID of your Twilio Account. Required when SERVICE_PROVIDER is Twilio.

  • TWILIO_AUTH_TOKEN: your Auth Token from Twilio. Required when SERVICE_PROVIDER is Twilio.

  • TWILIO_EMPTY_BALANCE_CHECK: boolean that activates the check on the balance before sending SMS. It allows SMS posting only with positive balance. It defaults to false.

  • RATE_LIMIT_MAX_REQUESTS: maximum number of requests that can be received by the service in a certain time window. It must be a positive integer.

  • RATE_LIMIT_TIME_WINDOW: time window in which the service max number of request is counted. It can be expressed in milliseconds or as a string (in the ms format). It can be configured within a certain range.

  • EXPONENTIAL_DELAY_RESET_AFTER: time window after which the exponential delay in requests to send sms to the same phone number is reset to zero. It is expressed in seconds.