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Version: 11.7.x

Make your Marketplace items available to other Companies

You can contribute to the Mia-Platform Marketplace with the Marketplace items of your Company, by deciding to make them accessible also to other Companies. This section will guide you on how to do so, offering two main methods:

  • (recommended) Use the CMS to make your Marketplace item accessible to other Companies.
  • Open an issue on Mia-Platform Github community page.

Both methods will be explained in the following paragraphs.

Use the CMS to make your Marketplace item accessible to other Companies

To make a Marketplace item of your Company accessible to other Companies, you first need to create it in the CMS. Follow the instructions on this page to do so.

Once you have created your Marketplace item in the CMS, you can make it accessible to other companies by editing its visibility property. Specifically, set the allTenants property inside the visibility object to "true".
After editing, the visibility property should look like this:

"visibility": {
"allTenants": true

Depending on whether the item is hosted on a public or private repository, you may have to perform additional actions, as described here below.

Open Source item

If the repository where your Marketplace item is located is public and freely accessible (open source), then you have completed the process, and your marketplace item can now be accessed and used by other Companies!

Item hosted on a private repository

To allow the Console to access the private repository, you need to create a Provider for Marketplace, in which you will specify the credentials to access the Git Provider. Follow these steps to learn how to create it.

The Provider has to be created in the same Company where the item is created (defined in the property companyId of the item).


Please note that, in order for the Marketplace resources to be visible to other Companies, yor need to enable the Allow access to all the Companies switch, as explained here.
This allows the Console to access Marketplace items resources when they are created within a Project belonging to any Company.

After creating and connecting your Provider, locate it in the Providers section of the CMS and take note of the providerId; go back to the CMS and edit the Marketplace item that you want to publish, and set to it the property providerId with the value you copied from the provider.

From this moment, your new Marketplace item should be available to any Company!

Open an issue on Mia-Platform Github community page

To contribute to the Mia-Platform Marketplace using this method, start by opening an issue here. This issue will outline the necessary information for your request.
Subsequently, a Mia-Platform representative will take over the issue and contact you to collaboratively plan the addition of the component to the Mia-Platform Marketplace, following the guidelines described on this documentation page.