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Version: 10.9.x

Self-Hosted installation requirements

Mia-Platform Console Self Hosted installation implies that the customer has already installed in its systems all the required software and tools.

Self-Hosted installation architecture

The following picture shows the high-level architecture for a Self-Hosted Mia-Platform Console installation. The communication between the components must be allowed as shown in the architecture.

Self-Hosted installation architecture

The following software and hardware recommendations are for installing Mia-Platform Console On-Premises.

Software and Hardware prerequisites

ToolVersionMinimum CPUMinimum RAM
Auth Provider OktaN/AN/AN/A
GitLab> 14.xN/AN/A
GitHub> 3.xN/AN/A
BitBucket Server> 8.x2 cores3 GB
Git provider GitLab> 14.x4 cores4 GB
GitHub> 3.x4 cores32 GB
Azure ReposN/AN/AN/A
BitBucket Server> 8.x2 cores3 GB
CI/CD GitLab CI Runners> 14.x1 core2 GB
Azure PipelinesN/AN/AN/A
NoSQL database MongoDB Enterprise> 4.22 cores2 GB
Runtime Kubernetes> 1.19
<= 1.24
2 CPU requests4 GiB Memory requests
Container image registryAny container image registryN/AN/AN/A
Object Storage Google Cloud StorageN/AN/AN/A
S3-Compatible Object StoragesN/AN/AN/A
Key Management Service Google Cloud PlatformN/AN/AN/A
Local KeyN/AN/AN/A

Reference Architecture

The following is an example architecture for the installation of the Mia-Platform Console supporting ~500 users and ~200 projects:

GitLab1418 core32 GB200 GB
GitLab CI Runners1421 core2 GB25 GB
MongoDB Enterprise532 core8 GB20 GB
Google Kubernetes Engine1.212 worker nodes4 core8 GBN/A
Google Container RegistryN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Google Cloud StorageN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Google Cloud Platform KMSN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Designating the Console Super User

When installing an instance of Mia-Platform Console, a user with the Console Super User role will be added to the database automatically.

The Console Super User role has been designed exclusively for backoffice administration purposes. When assigned to a user, this role implies full visibility and management of all CMS resources.