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Version: 10.9.x


This page shows the public roadmap of Mia-Platform. This is the result of our strategic vision and the collaboration of partners and stakeholder needs.

Our Roadmap is aimed at:

  • keeping people working on the Product aligned on upcoming releases;
  • planning contributions and support;
  • planning the Project adoption;
  • avoiding duplication of work;
  • influencing the Roadmap itself.

Future Work

Listed below you find which product features will be released in the following months. Our Product is constantly evolving and every week we release new features, so it is possible that this list may not be always up-to-date. On this page we keep you aligned on the most important issues:

  • Mia-Platform Control Plane

    • Self User Registration
    • Providers Management in Console
    • Runtime k8s resources visualization in Console
    • Managing Groups & m2m authentication in Console
    • Revision of Console HomePage & Navigation
    • Managing Vault Environment Variables in Console
    • Licenses Management
    • Miactl CLI improvement
  • Integration Features:

    • Support GitHub actions
    • Support Deploy on various container based runtimes
  • Product Operations

    • OpenTelemetry for collecting infrastructure telemetry data
  • Fast Data:

    • CDCs integration with Mia-Platform Fast Data
    • Support no-code configuration in Console for ER Schemas
    • Bucket Storage Support
    • CSV reader as Fast Data connector
  • Back-office:

    • Support low-code configuration in Console
    • Micro-lc 2.0

How to contribute to the roadmap

The roadmap is constantly evolving to quickly respond to market needs. If you have success stories, feedback or ideas, we want to hear them all! Join our Mia-Platform Community Space and submit your idea!

Roadmap Update

Roadmap update is scheduled approximately every month.