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Version: 10.9.x

Identity and Access Management

Mia-Platform Console allows different identities to access Companies and resources with specific levels of authorization. There are two types of identity:

  • User: an actual individual whose account is configured for human-to-machine communication. Find out how to manage Users in the User Management page.
  • Service Account: a non-human client which is used for automated processes and machine-to-machine communication. Learn all about Service Accounts in the Service Account Management page.

The Console is based on hierarchical resources: assigning specific roles and permissions to both Users and Service Accounts is important for defining responsibilities within your Companies and Projects. Discover more about it in the Console Levels and Permission Management documentation.

Users with enough administrative permission on a specific Company or Project can view the existing Users and Service Accounts and perform actions on them. Here is an example of the Identities table of a Company, which can be found in the IAM (Identity and Access Management) section:

identities table