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Version: 9.5.x


The service exports data following the configuration that is provided in the body of the POST Request.

The body parameters are:

  • url [required]: the url of the input data source. This must respond with a jsonl response.
  • proxyHeaders [optional] : list of headers you want to proxy to the external data source.
  • exportType [required]: the output format. The supported values are: json, csv, html and xlsx.
  • contentType [required]: the content type wanted as response. This depends by the exportType field:
    • application/json for JSON
    • text/csv for CSV
    • text/html for HTML
    • application/octet-stream for XLSX
  • columns [optional]: list of columns you want to export. If specified a column not present in the input data source the result will have the corresponding column as empty.
  • options [optional]: field that permits to specify the following options:
    • booleanConfig: specify the label wanted for either the true and false values. Can be set as any type of value.
    • csvSeparator: define the separator for CSV. The default is comma.

Following an example of body: