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v5.5.3 (April 22,2020)


  • API Portal
    Now API Portal is OpenAPI v3 compliant: all microservice swaggers are converted to OpenAPI v3 automatically. Moreover, APIExplorer has been integrated by adding support for anyOf, oneOf, allOf and not schemas. API-Portal service has been updated to version 1.9.0.

  • Home
    Now you can select your favourite projects by marking them with the new 'star' button!


  • Restyling of the following sections, introducing the card component: Replicas, API Key and CMS & Analytics.

  • Improved padding and scrolling of cards and grids in order to enhance their correct visualization.


  • Branches
    Changes, done from two different people on the same branch, are no more overwritten. This fix solves the overwrite case in which one person is modifying an advanced file and the other one is modifying a general configuration on the same branch.

  • API Portal
    In the section 'Request' of each method, the message shows the complete string, and not only string ID.


  • Branch Selection
    During the choice of the Branch, before entering the Design area, the button 'cancel' is no more selectable with the 'Tab' key of your keyboard.

  • Design - CRUD
    In the detail of each CRUD, the creation of an index with more than one field does not comprimise anymore CRUD configuration.

  • CMS
    The 'export' functionality allows you to download all the records: there is no more a limit to the number of records to download. Moreover, Crud service has been updated to version 2.1.4.

How to update your DevOps Console?

In case of on-premise Console, to use the previous features, you have to update:

  • Console website @1.17.2

  • Console backend @1.17.1

  • Deploy website @1.0.9

  • Infrastructure website @1.2.0

  • Env var service @1.0.1