Version: 7.x (Current)

Monitor your applications

Monitoring Infrastructure#

The Monitoring Infrastructure section is the Developer Console area dedicated to the control and monitoring of its infrastructure.

The area is divided by the number of environments existing in the specific project. In the top menu, it is possible to change the environment to be monitored.

Within each environment, you can view all the available pods and their current properties. You can refresh the table and check changes in the pods status clicking on the refresh button.

The labels of the columns in the table are:

  • Name: the name that identifies the pod

  • Component: the name of the service with the tag version

  • Status: the current status of the pod. Can be:

    • running: it is deployed and working.
    • completed: it is correctly deployed and has completed its work.
    • pending: the pod is scheduled but could have some configuration error or the containers are still not ready.
    • error: the pod has failed.
  • Containers Ready: the number of ready pods / the total.


    In case the Containers ready field has the value 0/1 could be because the pod has Status completed, so everything is ok, or pending and is possible the presence of configuration errors.

  • Total Containers Restart: the number of times the pod has restarted.

  • Age: the date since the pod was deployed.

  • Memory: the ratio Usage/Limit of memory expressed in mebibyte [Mi]

  • CPU: the ratio Usage/Limit of CPU expressed in milliCPU [m]


Selecting one pod you can view its specific logs. The logs can be filtered, downloaded or deleted. And it is possible to update the showed logs by clicking "Refresh Logs".

The user can also choose to restart their pod by deleting it. Clicking "Restart Pod" the POD will be deleted and restarted. To view the new logs, the user will have to wait for the page to reload or to reload the page.



Check out the Guidelines for logs to know how to guarantee uniformity in the logs generated by your services, in order to ensure easy and effective usage.