Version: 5.10.x

Platform v5.1

v5.1.0 (February 7, 2020)#

DevOps Console#

New Section: Debug!

You’ll find in your DevOps Console the new Test & Debug section, that allows you to run a single service locally while connecting that service to a remote Kubernetes cluster. Read here to discover the full potentiality of this new area.

New functionality: Horizontal Pod Autoscaling

In this new section of the design area I could set the number of replicas for your custom services.

  • the feature is active for non-advanced custom services
  • when you choose to generate the replicas they only work for environments that have the isProduction flag set to true
  • to set the values ​​you must set both the minimum and the maximum of cpu to your custom services in the services section.
  • Create a tag

    You can tag your configurations from the console. In the area "Commit and Generate" you will find a new section for tag. Typically people use this functionality to mark release points (v1.0.0, and so on). Tag your configuration when you have a stable version of your platform.

  • Log&Monitoring

  • in the table there is a new column "Component" that show you the name of the services associated to the pods and it's version number.

  • added autofocus on search inputs



  • In each project it's been added a new parameter: pipeline object. For each project you can set what type of pipeline it should trigger. Currently the types are managed: gitlab-ci, jenkins and webhook (for custom pipelines)

  • Marketplace configuration: To add templates, examples or more to your marketplace there is a new parameter to add to each service: the pipeline object.

"gitlab-ci": {
"path": "/projects/yourpath"

With this object you must indicate the type of pipeline with which to start your service and which path to go to get the pipeline.

CMS 9.7.1

  • Added: e have enabled the possibility of creating quick links also towards custom front-ends. the desired filter will appear in the parameter queries. Read here how to configure them

  • Fixed: the menu occasionally got stuck when switching from the dashboard to another page